There are many ways to directly serve FCCB. It takes dozens of people to organize our ministries and do the daily work of keeping the church running.  This page will give you an idea of ways you can get involved. 

  • Flower Delivery: Make two deliveries of the flowers from worship! Flowers will be at FCCB after each Sunday worship.
  • Acolytes (children grades 4th-7th):  Light/extinguish altar candles, attend Sunday School OR assist with offering plates. 75 min. on Sundays during school year/as often as desired
  • Greeters: Welcome church-goers as they enter the building. 30 min. on Sundays/as often as desired
  • Ushers: Led by an experienced volunteer, assist with various tasks for worship service. 80 min. on Sundays/as often as desired
  • Deacons: Assisting the Pastor(s) with various worship tasks, greeting church-goers, welcoming late-comers. 90 min. on Sundays/as often as desired
  • Communion: Help set-up OR clean-up as well as serve communion. 1.5-2 hours on Sundays/as often as desired
  • Flowers: Create weekly arrangements (reimbursable), break down arrangements into smaller bouquets after worship for delivery, coordinate holiday decorating/poinsettia/Easter flower donations, and coordinate exterior flower decorations. as often as desired 1-2 hrs on weekend for acquiring/creating arrangements, 30 min after service for breakdown
  • Music: Assist and participate in youth music programming, data input, performances. as desired