Faith Formation is a commitment to lifelong learning and here at FCCB we are all committed to just that. We offer multiple opportunities to explore and learn about our faith. In addition to everyone being welcome in Worship and Fellowship Opportunities, we have a once a month Inter-generational Activities to come together to work on a project, learn and just have fun! 

Sunday School Starts Sunday continues every Sunday during Worship. 

For Sunday School, we’ll be starting in Worship with our families. We will head to Sunday School after we all share in the Lord's Prayer and will be headed to our classrooms. Our Theme changes monthly and we experience each story through a variety of mediums, anything from art to music, science to playing in the kitchen! Registration for Sunday School (open to Pre-K to 6th grade students) can be found below at the link here: Click Here to register.  We need registration forms for all students. Students in grades 7 and up are encouraged to stay in Worship.




For more information regarding these programs, please contact Kerry Stewart, Faith Formation Coordinator. Via email: or via phone at (203) 488 7201 x 106