We invest in the children...
not only because they are our future...

...but also because we love to learn from them as well. Their hearts, minds, and connection to God are unlimited, just like all of us. Our youth have a song in their heart and scripture in their mouths so they can be vessels of Jesus' love where they live! 

Faith Formation is a commitment to lifelong learning and here at FCCB we are all committed to just that. We offer multiple opportunities to explore and learn about our faith. 

Sunday School is open to all in Pre-K through 7th grade. 

For Sunday School, we’ll be starting in Worship with our families. We will head to Sunday School before the Anthem and will be headed to our classrooms. We use a Model that allows us to explore the beautiful stories of the Bible in a few different mediums: Art, Science, Cooking, Games and more! Registration for Sunday School (open to Pre-K to 7th grade students) can be found below at the link here: Click Here to register.  We need registration forms for all students. Students in grades 8 and up can be assistants with Sunday School. Or stay in Worship.

We currently host two Sunday School Classes. We have one classroom for our PreK-4th grade students. And a Beginners Bible Study Class for our 5th-7th graders that meets twice a month. 

The first Sunday of the month we begin in Walker Chapel to enjoy leading Worship together, sing and practice our Faith together as only children and young people can! We then join our families in Worship for Communion. 

For all children who choose to stay in Worship, we have an extensive Children's Book Library and Activity Buckets available for use during Worship. 

God put the wiggle in children; don't feel you have to suppress it in God's house! We welcome you and your child/ren. Children are a gift to the church and a remiinder that the church is growing! May our church be a place where we give smiles of encouragment to parents and caregivers! 

For more information regarding these programs, please contact Kerry Stewart, Faith Formation Coordinator. Via email: kerry@firstcongregationalbranford.org or via phone at (203) 488 7201 x 106