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After a service where the kids got out of their comfort zone and shared their takeaways from their Summer of Service, they got to continue on in serving as Jesus serves, by hosting a luncheon-- prepped and presented by them, with the generous donation of ingredients from our congregation. 

Rally Sunday was an incredible display of the heart of our church. We are one body in Christ, and our church's heart to give donations, the kids' heart to serve, and the act of love and fellowship within the hall were such a great kickoff. We know the kids will take these learnings in to their schools in the upcoming year, and we're excited to grow together as we begin to learn about the Fruits of the Spirit this Fall. 


With each new endeavor that the kids take on, we are amazed to see their collaboration, respect for one another and others, and dilligence to doing God's work right where we live! Thank you to all who donated, helped set up, and partook in the luncheon!