First Congregational Church Branford, CT         

...where you are welcome!

Join Us For Sunday Worship
8:00am in the Chapel
10:00 in the Meetinghouse

We are located at
1009 Main St.
Branford, Connecticut

...Where you will discover a church that reaches out to people in the wider community in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. In the past decade over five hundred new families and individuals, from both different and similar Christian backgrounds, have found a community of love and acceptance in this church.
...Where we have a wide and interesting variety of carefully planned ministries, programs and services to assist you and your family. These ministries will help you to grow in faith and love while serving God.
...Where we want to be a meaningful part of your life and faith...and we want you to be a meaningful part of ours.

The First Congregational Church of Branford affirms the full diversity of God's creation and welcomes people of differing views, national and ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations, without regard to worldly condition. We hope you will share your particular gifts and faith journeys with us and join us in our worship and work.

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