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Holy Week Walk

Instructions and Locations for the Holy Week Walk:
Stations of the Cross and Family Prayer Walk
First Congregational Church, Branford CT
Trinity Episcopal Church, Branford, CT
Stony Creek Congregational Church, Branford, CT

Welcome to a Holy Week Walk that is being presented by these congregations. We welcome you to walk through these nine stations. They are located on the building and grounds of First Congregational Church and Trinity Episcopal Church, both located on the Green in Branford, CT.

There are two tracks of stations: A Stations of the Cross, intended for older youth and adults; And a Family Prayer Walk, intended for all ages.

    The QR code looks like this:
    Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 2.40.45 PM

    All the audio tracks are saved on a service called Sound Cloud. To use, you can use either the camera app or a QR reader app on your smart phone. By opening either of those apps and scanning the code, it will take you to the recording and it will start playing automatically. There is also a Sound Cloud app that you can download prior to starting the walk that may make it quicker and easier, depending on your smart phone; however this is not necessary as it will open in a browser window.

    The Stations are located as follows:
    Station A: On the wall next to the Walker Chapel/ Office doors, FCCB
    Prayer Wall: On lawn just outside Walker Chapel doors, FCCB
    Station B: On doors at the top of the Pilgrim Hall ramp, FCCB
    Station C: On the Sanctuary entrance steps/ ramp, FCCB
    Station D: On the church sign at the corner of Taintor Drive and Blackstone Avenue, FCCB
    Station E: Under the gothic window of the Parish Hall, Trinity Church
    Station F: On the lawn along the ramp, Trinity Church
    Station G: In front of the church sign, Trinity Church

    While the Stations do progress, you can start at any point along the walk. Additionally, all the stations and related artwork can be found on the homepage of the FCCB website at
    And you can do them anywhere at anytime at your convenience. We pray that that this walk enhances your Lenten Study and Holy Week Worship.