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88th Annual Church FAIR
Saturday, December 5, 2015
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Hark! Hark! Christmas is coming. Yes, we have several DIYers working on a variety of projects for the Christmas Fair. It’s just the right time to plan ways you, too, can support the Fair. Come September, a small group will gather twice a month to share their ideas, create Fair items, and enjoy fellowship with one another. If you would like to join this group, please give me a call. We meet at my house at noon for a bowl of soup and work on our ideas. It’s a wonderful time to get feedback on your project or have an extra hand to complete one. Call me at 203-483-8039 or

The Annual Church Fair is the single most important fellowship event of the year for bringing together the members of the congregation. There are many ways for everyone--new and old, young and old -- to volunteer and participate in this worthy and enjoyable event. It’s also a great time for new members to get acquainted and for old members to get reacquainted.

There are contact persons for each department and their phone numbers are listed for specific questions and helpful suggestions for contributions. Now is the time to clear out your closets, attics, and garages and fill your spare time with useful craft projects and baked goods to sell.

The Fair is a great opportunity to become an active part of our Church Family. Come and be a part of it. If you do not know how you can help, please call! There is a special spot for each one of you. Without you, The FAIR would not be the success it has always been.

The FAIR will open at 9:00 a.m. on December 5th. Mark your calendars and plan to be at the FAIR this year.

Deanna O’Connell
Christmas Fair
December 5, 2015
9:00 – 3:00 PM


FAIR Departments

The Annual Church Fair is the single most important fellowship event of the year for bringing together the members of the congregation. There are many ways for everyone -- new and old, young and old -- to volunteer and participate in this worthy and enjoyable event. It’s also a great time for new members to become acquainted and for old members to get reacquainted.

This department offers fully decorated 3-foot trees for sale. They have been decorated by our very own designers and will be on display in Pilgrim Hall.

Baskets containing such specialty items as educational games/toys and gourmet coffees and goodies have been creatively designed by members of the church.

CURIOSITY SHOP Holly Coulter 203-488-0798
Clean out your closets and leave your “treasurers” on the stage in late November: Kitchenware, knickknacks, curtains and materials, candles, pictures or any curious whatever you may find!!! Please no TV’s, furniture, or clothing

TOYS, GAMES, Nancy Jakubiak 203-481-3881
This room is filled with your new and gently-used toys, stuffed animals, games, baby equipment, children’s books, movies and computer games. Puzzles, too! Please help by donating clean items in good condition. Parents and grandparents are welcome to shop here as well as the kids!!

JEWELRY Lynn Hoadley
Clean out your drawers and jewelry boxes. We are looking for women’s and men’s jewelry, scarves, gloves, ties, belts, pocketbooks and accessories.

Buy tickets to place in the allocated cups in front of each gift. If your ticket is drawn, you are the winner! Place tickets in only those items that most appeal to you.

HANDMADE GIFTS Carol Rutt 203-488-3349 Your own creations and crafts are greatly appreciated. Hand-knitted and crocheted items, handbags, hats and scarves, vests, aprons and hand-fashioned jewelry – there is something for everyone on your list.

Again, this year will be beautiful handcrafted ornaments for the tree created by several of the members of the church. Some great gifts for the teacher, shut-ins, family, and friends.

BOOKS/MUSIC Nancy Beccia 203483-1268 Clear off those shelves and donate your used books, children’s books, records, cassette tapes, CDs and videos. Sheet music -- vocal, religious and instrumental --is also welcome. Please no old encyclopedia sets or old dictionaries. Thanks!

GOLDEN NUGGET Betsy Gay, Kathy Fox, Barbara Colley
This is the time to donate those nice items that you don’t use anymore and that take up space in your china closet and your attic -- glass, crystal, china, silver, pewter, brass, collectibles, artwork and whatever other treasures you can donate.

SET UP/BREAKDOWN Mike Bradshaw 203-481-5730
We are looking for a few strong muscles to move tables up and down the stairs and to help carry the boxes to the different departments on Thursday night to set up each room and clean up on Saturday after the fair.

SUGAR AND SPICE Susan McColl 203-640-2529
Make your favorite recipe and drop it off at the Church the day before the FAIR. Some suggestions are: Cakes, pies, breads, cookies, jams and jellies, sauces, relishes, vinegars. Please label ingredients, especially nuts and raisins. There will be a special Cupcake table for those of you who love a gourmet treat. If you need a good recipe, call Susan.

CHRISTMAS REVISITED Carol Hoadley 203-488-4530
Cull through your boxes of ornaments and decorations and drop off those you don’t need anymore. While you’re there, check out the beauties from Christmas Past.

CHRISTMAS GREENS Deanna O’Connell 203-483-8039
Decorating wreaths is a labor of love for several of the gardeners and flower designers in the church. Donations of holly, other decorative greenery and natural embellishments like pods and unusual cones are needed. Come help on Wednesday or Friday morning prior to the FAIR to make these swags and decorate these wreaths.


Bring those electronic gadgets that you don’t use -- electric curlers, old stereos, electronic equipment, cameras, toasters, lamps, computers, etc.

CANDY Kathy Castellon
There’s never enough chocolate!! Your help is needed to make fudge at home. All kinds of sweet confection designs are welcome. Kathy can help have easy recipes available. Give them a call.

LUNCHEON Neil Titcomb 203-488-3088
As a tradition, the men of the Church have provided a Swedish log and coffee in the morning and a delicious lunch consisting of hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade clam chowder and apple crisp. Please contact Neil if you are willing to help.

SILENT AUCTION Lil Sakai 203-208-0406
Donate a service to the FAIR or come the day of the FAIR to bid on the services being offered. Some suggestions are: Make a dinner, babysitting, pet sitting, computer lessons, homemade bread, household chores, boat cruise, weekend at vacation home, musical services, tutoring services or a special creation of your own. Be imaginative!!